Up until university, I resided in Vancouver, Canada then made my way to Tokyo, Japan in 2018 straight out of university. I majored in psychology and minored in cognitive science focusing on human–computer interaction.


Up until I left for Japan, I was always doing something with video games. Aside from it being something of a hobby of mine, I was also fortunate enough to be able to use video games for a credited research paper on human learning and attention, as well as in the video game industry as a journalist.


Fix bugs
Create new features
Work on projects
Discuss with QA team on how to fix/implement certain features


9:25-9:45 Set up for the day, and check in on tasks/projects needed to be worked on while enjoying a morning coffee and snacking on my breakfast (usually some bread or pastry).
9:45-10:30 Start coding and prepare anything that needs to be shared in the morning meeting
10:30-11:00 Morning meeting with the dev team
11:00-12:30 Address anything necessary shared in the morning meeting and continue coding
12:30-1:30 Lunch time
1:30-18:25 Continue coding, check in on other dev members, and helplessly get another coffee
18:25-18:30 Start to wrap up for the day and make sure to clean my desk of all the snack wrappers, as well as coffee cups before heading home


When I am able to overcome a challenge, whether it be a difficult bug to fix or new feature to implement
When I am able to see my code working in a finished/launched product
When I am able learn from my colleagues on how to be a better engineer


When I can break down a problem into smaller chunks and finally get to the center of the issue
When I realize how much more patient and relaxed I have become when seeing code I don't understand immediately


I want to be able to write more succient code, and be able to more effectively explain how the code i'm reading at a given time works


The people and its diversity. The people at Evolany are some of the brightest, wisesest, and most down-to-earth people I have ever met in my life. Real conversations, laughter, and empathy can be experienced. Also, the diversity in the company will never fail to entertain you across topics like language, food, and culture!


I enjoy trying new foods and playing video games from time to time. If the weather is particularly good, I like going to new cafes with nice coffee, and travelling when possible.


Someone who is eager to learn and take on challenges when it's time to work. However, even more so, someone who enjoys a good conversation and laugh when it's time to unwind.


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