In short:
Highschool: Gdynia, Poland (Highschool No.2, International Baccalaureate Programme)
University: Warsaw, Poland (University of Warsaw, International Relations (M.A.) & Japanese Studies (B.A.))
Scholarship study: Sakado/Tokyo, Japan (Josai University, 1 year)
Web Development Bootcamp: Tokyo, Japan (Le Wagon)


I'm a proud alumna of an NGO called the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats.
I joined it as a university student, back when I was still considering a career in diplomacy/international communication.
Moreover, my interest in Japan led me to take a post as the Coordinator for Asian and Pacific Affairs there for about 1,5 yrs.


・Miniapps customization for clients
・Product feature development
・Bug fixes
・Participation in meetings


09:30-10:00 : Quick overview of yesterday's progress & today's tasks to do
10:00-10:30 : Morning meeting with the whole team
10:30-12:30 : Coding, research, consultations
12:30-13:30 : Lunch
13:30-18:30 : Coding, research, consultations
18:30 ~ Finishing work for the day and then heading home/Company party


・When I find where the problem lies and I fix it (the feeling of a job well done).
・When I work on new things and feel like I've learned something in the process.
・When the clients and my superiors are content with my work.


I can feel my programming knowledge getting wider and deeper every day.
I can also see progress regarding my problem solving and communication skills. Each working day is an opportunity for self-development.


I just want to keep getting better at what is included in my job description.
There's plenty of challenges ahead.


What I love about Evolany is the casual and friendly atmosphere.
There's a sense of mutual respect and camaraderie between each and every member, no matter the role or job description.
We are given a certain amount of freedom and are trusted to do our work. I also really appreciate the fact that I can always voice my opinions without fear of retribution, and that my ideas are being listened to and seriously considered. All of that gives me a lot of motivation to do my best for the company. I know that Evolany will keep growing and changing for the better, and I hope to keep growing and changing with it, but I hope the things I mentioned above will always stay the same.


On weekends I do everything I can do to relax, wind down and recharge my batteries before the next week of work starts.


If you're a hard worker, a team player, as well as the kind of person who treats others with respect, but at the same time doesn't take her/himself too seriously, you'll fit right in:)


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