国籍:Ghana & Japan



I was born in Japan but my family moved to Ghana around the time I started Primary School. I attended international schools in Ghana from primary all the way up to high school. After high school, I moved to Florida where I studied Computer Science and Economics at the University of South Florida. After almost three years at USF, I transferred to Temple University in Tokyo where I graduated with honors in Economics. After Graduation, I worked as a Luxury Travel consultant for a year then applied to an immersive coding bootcamp called Code Chrysalis where I went through rigorous training to become a full time Software Engineer.


① Did a lot of sports in primary and middle school. Track, soccer and basketball mainly.
② Founded a club in high school called JMAT (Japanese Modern Arts and Technology) which was a disguised Anime club.
③ At university, I was an Executive board member of the African Students Association acting as an Event coordinator. I organized pageants, fundraisers and charity events for the organization.
④ I worked as a bartender in bar/clubs and on a cruise ship.


Internal meetings with Developers and PMs, external meetings with clients and stakeholders.
Organizing Dev/PM requirements and tasks and managing the team.
Quality assurance on client's product.
Brainstorming and discussing issues and new requirements
Coding (front-end, back-end), depending on the project.


09:00-13:00 Organise tasks and requirements for the day, regular internal product and PM meetings.
13:00-14:00 Go for lunch
14:00-17:00 QA for a client's product, work with dev's to solve preexisting bugs and issues, prep for meeting with client
17:00-18:00 External meeting with clients
18:00-18:30 Post meeting discussions with other PMs
18:30 ~ prep to go home


① Building many different types of products for our clients on a regular basis is extremely engaging. I never get bored.
② It's thrilling being able to challenge myself by working in multiple roles i.e Software Engineer and Project Manager even though I joined the company a few months ago.
③ Being voted as "Challenger of the Month" multiple times in our Company Wide meeting has been very rewarding. It continues to keep me motivated!


① Given the opportunity to PM a very big client project, I have seen myself grow in the role alongside my main role as a developer.
② Working alongside some brilliant developers, my thought process for problem solving has definitely improved.


① For my next project, I would like to improve my php skill by working predominantly on backend.
② Come up with a whole service and lead the project myself.


① The best part about Evolany is the people. The community is very diverse and everyone is friendly and willing to help. Parties and gatherings with them are always awesome!
② I love that no matter what position you are in, so far as you're willing, they'll allow you to take on any challenge in any project. I became a PM this way within 3 months of joining.
③ The Evolany Talks which is sometimes done by Song san and Christian are amazing. I love their topics and I learn a lot from them.


① Love hiking, camping and almost any outdoor activities involving mountains. During winter, I usually go snowboarding.
② On weekends, I watch anime, play games, or work on personal coding projects.
③ I have a pet softshell turtle called Ponyo and he's extremely cute. Hours can go by just staring at him swim around in his tank because it can be very relaxing.


Anyone with big dreams, love to think outside the box and generally friendly is welcome! Love for anime is a plus too hehe.


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