Programming Specialist






I was born in Anhui, China, and stayed near my hometown until the end of high school. Then I went to Nanjing for university.


It feels like it's been such a long time since I was a student. I was very interested in game design. I created my own board game with colored pens and cardboard when I was in senior high school, and it went viral in my school.


  • Graduated from college in 2014.
  • Worked in a game company from 2014 to 2017 in Xiamen, Fujian.
  • Got to Japan on 2017.01, and worked in a web company for two years.
  • Been working at Evolany since 2019.02.


I'm quite focused on front-end development, but also do some back-end work occasionally. Mostly UI/UX design/implementation, front-end framework building, guidelines, and code review/advising. The "Sensei" for frond-end programming.


Mainly writing code and making pages and other geeky stuff. Also sharpening my tools and skills by checking new technologies and trends through the Internet when not too busy.


When figured out an elegant way to solve a problem that no one knows how to solve, or made something that everyone feels enticing and intriguing.


Most of the improvements came imperceptibly. The greatest improvement I can tell is when I face almost any kind of problem now, I know a way to solve it, or at least a direction.


Although now I'm mostly focused on front-end engineering, I would love to go back to making games again, if we have such a future plan. A lot of my UI/UX skills, including feelings of animation and visual effects, come from game development.


People here are super nice, young, energized, and also very talented. They are fun to work with. Also, we have office parties regularly, lol. It is cool that we can have a couple of beers and play board games after work.


I'm a game nerd so most of my weekends were spent playing games at home.
Sometimes I go to an onsen with my housemate and other friends.


I'd like to work with people that are smart, optimistic and maybe into games. Also, it would be better if they spoke English(or Chinese?) since I'm not very good at Japanese, lol.