I started school in Turkey. Then we moved back to Bangladesh when I was in grade three. Then I finished school, college and university in Bangladesh.


During my school life I used to watch lots of sci-fi movies. That encouraged me to pursue my career in Computer Science. When I was in University I used to participate in programming contest programs and also in app contest programs. With my team we stood 2nd in Intra University programming contest.

While I was in 2nd year of my university I started to watch anime. During that time I was so addicted that I didn't take my final exam in my 5th semester.


  • In August 2017, I graduated from University.
  • In January 2018, I started my first job as an Entry Level Developer at Webable Digital, a well known Digital Agency Firm in Bangladesh.
  • In July 2019, I came to Japan and joined Human Resocia Co., Ltd as a Web Application Developer.
  • In June 2021, I joined Evolany as a Web Application Developer.


I just recently joined Evolany. So far I have worked with bug fixing, adding new features to the Anybot app and creating api for the frontend team. I mostly work in backened development.


The best thing I like about evolany is the people. They are all helpful and chilled people. I never got bored in this environment. The environment is quite cheerful. We have our freedom here which makes us refreshed, energetic and courageous to work efficiently. Almost everyone can speak in English here which is a very strong point for foreigners. We can communicate with each other very easily.


Usually in the weekend I meet with my Bangladeshi friends and have chitchat. Sometimes I cook, play video games, go cycling, read articles about latest technology, develop my pet project, and learn new stuff about development.