All my life I have felt very lucky and thankful that I had so many opportunities to live abroad for extended periods of time. Thanks to my family, I've lived in many countries other than my own - Romania, Turkey, Switzerland and Japan.
As a result of studying at German schools and at a Swiss university later on, I learned to speak German, which helped me make a ton of friends from all over the world. After coming to Japan, I started studying Japanese, which I try to improve more and more as time goes on! ファイト!


I guess most of the fun things I was doing during my school days, besides IT stuff, involved a lot of sports too: I was a big fan of BMX bikes and martial arts but also at building up my own desktop PCs and tinkering with them in my free time.
I was also always a big fan of entrepreneurship, so throughout my later school days and during university I was always trying to come up with different projects which I've started either by myself or with my friends.


Internships at the Bulgarian Embassy in Tokyo and Bern
Yokohama National University in 2020
Joined Evolany in 2021


Since I am a new member of the team, right now I'm learning the different programming languages that are used at Evolany :
=> HTML => CSS => JavaScript => more languages


At this moment in time I usually read up a lot of documentation online and try to put that acquired knowledge to practice by solving different exercises. If any questions surface up, my colleagues are more than happy to answer any of my questions.


The speed at which one can progress thanks to the good navigation by the veterans at the company. The fast-paced environment is great for learning quickly and efficiently.


In programming it is very easily recognized because you can start solving more difficult exercises. It feels like your eyes are opening when you start to understand, read and write in the different coding languages that you are learning. It is a very gratifying feeling!


I want to be able to start calling myself a full stack engineer, which means that I will have to learn a few more coding languages by then. Understanding the whole process and knowing how to find solutions to hard questions takes dedication, but I am motivated and excited about the future!


The professionalism of everyone at Evolany. A lot of companies do have that too, but what makes Evolany stand out is that people here care about the human element too - kindness and understanding is something that everyone seems to care deeply about.
We support each other to create great output together!


If the weather permits it, I usually like to go hiking or somewhere near the sea. And of course when there is free time longer than a weekend, I like to explore other cities too. Traveling is a big passion of mine.


The team at "Evolany" is filled with kind and hard-working people, so I wish that any newcomers do their best to keep a positive attitude and tackle new challenges together with the team!