• 2019.03.20設立1週年に迎えました!
  • 2018.11.19【NEWS】LINE、ミニアプリ構築サービス「Anybot」の運営会社エボラニに出資、IDEOが共同出資するVCであるD4Vや有安伸宏氏なども資本参画
  • 2018.10.01大学・専門学校入試担当向けLINE活用法セミナー全国7都市で開催決定

An automated society for
local store managers

We provide a suite of convenient and affordable automated customer service tools
designed with industry specific needs in mind.


Simple segmentation for
your LINE@ account

A full toolkit of capabilities
to interact with your audience, all inside LINE

Anybot includes a chatbot builder for automation and CRM / MA functionality, within LINE, Messenger or on the web, and various other functions such as sales promotion, EC, and reservation management. Anybot is the only chatbot maker funded by LINE.

  • CMS

    Our flagship product, anybot,
    is an omnichannel CS chatbot and
    miniapp agent that comes with
    a robust CRM designed with
    marketing automation,
    data management
    and customer segmentation in mind

  • Omni-channel

    Anybot supports LINE, Messenger,
    Web, Email, Phone,
    Fax, SMS and Slack
    right out of the box.
    Transitions between channels is
    smooth and the data
    travels across them.

  • Automated CRM

    All user data and
    customer interactions
    are automatically saved and
    segmented, allowing for easy
    batch broadcasting to help
    keep leads warm, increase sales,
    and build LTV.

  • Database

    Anybot’s integrated database is
    built to work seamlessly with
    the miniapp CMS,
    no extra coding required,
    and is flexible enough to
    meet the needs of
    most industry use-cases.

  • Flexible API integration

    Anybot natively supports
    two-way communication
    via external API integration,
    enabling our customers to
    seamlessly share data across
    legacy and custom-built systems
    comfortably and efficiently.


anybot Website


Evolany's young and diverse team is working hard to create a suite of best-in-class products.

Our aim is to continually create easy-to-use quality products that help local business owners and SME's find success in an increasingly automated society, and to do so in a conscientious and sincere manner.

Lead Engineer

Hao Wu

PM / Engineer

Toshikazu Horioka

Lead Designer

Ari Fumoto

Lead Customer success

Ayaki Shimizu


Ren Kotori

Customer success

Riku Kousei


Yosuke Shinoda


WEB/App Engineer

Do you aim to inspire people through well-designed products?

Customer success

Do you wish to sincerely help people solve their problems?


Are you keen on discovering your natural talents through a variety of challenges?


  • Name Evolany Co., Ltd.
  • Founded 20 March, 2018
  • Capital 70,000,000 JPY (Including capital reserves)
  • Telephone 050-5236-6288
  • Email
  • ChatBot Messenger / LINE
  • Access 1-10-3 #201 Okano, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 〒 : 220-0073
    #1408, 10 Aixian St., Hi-tech Dist., Dalian 〒 : 160000
  • Stockholders Founders / LINE / IDEO (D4V) / Angels
  • Clients Mercedes-Benz Japan / Dolce & Gabbana Japan / Suntory / Kose etc.