QA Leader


入社: 2021.06


Throughout my life I have had a lot of opportunities to live abroad for extended periods of time. Thanks to my family, I’ve lived in many countries other than my own – Romania, Turkey, Switzerland and Japan.

As a result of studying at German schools and at a Swiss university later on, I learned to speak German, which helped me make a ton of friends from all over the world. After coming to Japan, I started studying Japanese, which I try to improve more and more as time goes on! ファイト!


I guess most of the fun things I was doing during my school days, besides IT stuff, involved a lot of sports too: I was a big fan of BMX bikes and martial arts but also at building up my own desktop PCs and tinkering with them in my free time.

I was also always a big fan of entrepreneurship, so throughout my later school days and during university I was always trying to come up with different projects which I’ve started either by myself or with my friends.


・Creating test cases for the main products of our company
・Managing and creating tickets that help us keep the workflow well organized and documented
・Manually testing different projects at the company
・Automating certain aspects of our testing process with industry standard software
・Performing blackbox tests – it helps with seeing from the clients’ and users’ point of view


09:30-10:00 Prepare the plan for the day and check the updates for different tickets
10:00-10:30 Morning meeting with the whole PG team
10:30-12:30 Finish confirming various fixes that were implemented
12:30-13:30 Lunch time
13:30-14:30 Make sure that all issues scheduled to be fixed for the weekly update are verified
14:30-15:00 Prepare new testing bots which will be used for the weekly regression testing
15:00-18:00 Perform the regression test while noting down issues which need to be reported
18:00-18:30 Document the issues found during the regression test and report them and the result to the Product Manager
18:30- Get dinner with my colleagues at one of the local restaurants


1) When successfully completing a regression test and finding no new issues
We do it weekly to make sure that our products stay up to standard. The feeling of finishing the weekly test and not finding any new issues always makes me content.
2) When issues that we find get fixed, thus preventing a problem for our clients or users
No matter if it is a small issue or an important bug to be fixed, I always get a good feeling when seeing how issues that the QA team found can be fixed and working.
3) Communication with other teams in the company One of the best aspects of being in the field of QA is the fact that this is a necessity for any team, meaning that I get to work together with pretty much everybody at the company.


For me currently it is the realization of how much faster I have become in doing my day-to-day tasks.
Seeing how when I cut down the time, I get more opportunities to be productive on more than one project.
Also seeing the first things I have worked on and how much more organized it has become. Furthermore, having the feeling of confidence, thanks to the experience I have gained.


I want to become a true QA specialist. I want to work more on integrating even more automation in our testing projects and everyday tasks.

Another thing is to continue to study programming and design rules so I can use the knowledge to report backend and infrastructure issues to our dev team.
Furthermore, I want to learn about Linux commands so I can become good at system management.

Besides that, I want to implement more QA techniques and industry standard software into Evolany’s workflow, thus helping to optimize our company’s output.


The professionalism of everyone at Evolany.
What makes Evolany stand out in this aspect is that my colleagues care about the human element a lot – kindness and understanding is something that everyone believes in.

We support each other to create great output together!


If the weather permits it, I usually like to go hiking or somewhere near the sea. And of course when there is free time longer than a weekend, I like to explore other cities too. Traveling is a big passion of mine.


The team at “Evolany” is filled with kind and hard-working people, so I wish that any newcomers do their best to keep a positive attitude and tackle new challenges together with the team!